Gladiator Description

August 19, 2007 

he Gladiator is an expert in close combat and he is trained to use all sorts of weapons. His preferred style of fighting is close combat. The hard hits and deadly attacks of the Gladiator will knock down opponents and send them crashing into the dirt.

Hard Hit

The Gladiator strikes out at his opponent with a single, particularly hard blow.


The Gladiator executes a combination of knee, elbow and fist attacks against his opponent.

Multi Hit

The Gladiator swings his weapon around in a circle and strikes all nearby opponents.

Stomping Jump

This is a powerful jump. Upon impact, the ground shakes and all opponents in the area are briefly stunned.

Fist of the Gods

The Gladiator focuses all available power in his fist and punches his opponent. The explosive hit will strike at one target.

Combat Kick

The Gladiator knocks his opponent backwards and causes additional combat damage.


The Gladiator seizes an opponent and throws him to the ground. The opponent will suffer damage and will stay down for a while because whilst dazed.

Throwing Blades

The Gladiator will throw one or both of his weapons at the opponent, which will inflict increased damage. Any weapon which is thrown will remain on the floor near the target.


The Gladiator raises his hands towards the sky and is granted a fearful aura in response. All opponents surrounding the Gladiator are thrown back in awe.

Heroic Courage

The Gladiator clenches his fists and gains a shimmering aura of pugnacity, increasing his combative nature. The Gladiator’s attack and defense values will increase for a brief period.

Dagger Stare

The Gladiator concentrates and gains a pulsing aura of glowing spikes. Opponents who approach this ring of spikes will suffer damage.


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